Sake’s Hidden Stories – One of John Gauntner’s Books

Sake’s Hidden Stories a revew of One of John Gauntner’s Books

I just finished reading John Gauntner’s book: Sake’s Hidden Stories and it was a joy. I really enjoyed “getting to know” some of the brewers from across Japan. John takes us  to meet key people of 13 kura, from the Akita and Iwate regions in the north to Yamaguchi in the southwest. These kura include:

  • Daishinshu of Nagano Prefecture
  • Dassai of Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Nanbu Bijin of Iwate Prefecture
  • Tairin of Gifu Prefecture
  • Kikuyoi of Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Rihaku of Shimane Prefecture
  • Tsuyu Masamune of Osaka Prefecture
  • Daishichi of Fukushima Prefecture
  • Taketsuru of Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Yuri Masamune / Yuki no Bosha of Akita Prefecture
  • Tama no Hikari of Kyoto
  • Shichihonyari of Shiga Prefecture
  • Rikyubai / Mukune of Osaka Prefecture Continue reading “Sake’s Hidden Stories – One of John Gauntner’s Books”